Performance Monitoring

performance monitoring

Edunguru makes a whole hearted promise, a Tripartite “SEAL OF TRUST”. A robust assessment engine integrated in Edunguru's ecosystem enables us to monitor and assess the learner's progress, performance and instruction effectiveness. An innovative analytical system gives out the real time performance and progress of a student.
Effective monitoring parameters deployed for a fool proof process are:

Mandatory Attendance:

  • For online version, our intelligent software automatically detects if there is no response within 48 hours from the learner's side and triggers a call to students to actively participate & learn. In absence of student's participation after the next 48 hours, a call is made to the parents to ensure active participation & attendance.
  • For offline version, the student needs to send the answers to us via SMS or email to unlock the next chapter with a passcode.
  • Progress Report to Parents: Our system and Mobile App enables all the parents to view their child's progress and performance and can get in touch with us through chat or call.
  • Concept Tests: After every chapter, there will be a test to gauge student's understanding and only after giving atleast 1 correct answer, the student will be allowed to move to the next chapter.
  • Group, Practice & Mock Tests: Students can appear for group, practice & mock tests to check their performance periodically.
  • Physical Assessments: Students can appear for assessments at different pre-selected centres across India for progress evaluation.
  • Live Monitoring & Dashboard: The live performance monitoring feature helps students to constantly monitor, check and compare their performance with peers at city, state and Pan India level.
  • All India Contest: Students can appear for periodic Pan India Contest conducted by us to compete with each other and check their readiness for exams.