Edunguru has through every possible means made certain that all processes, procedures and methodologies are user friendly and easy to access. In order to ease student's and applicant's doubts, detailed answers to frequently arising queries are made available.


Why do we use the term India’s largest Digital Education Universe?
With over 3340 Courses in both English & Hindi Medium, we can proudly say, that we areIndia’s Largest Digital Education Universe..
Why is Edunguru different from others?
In which mediums are the courses offered?
Who will be the tutors/teachers for the Offered Programs?
How many courses can I enroll for at a time?
Will offline users get online access?


How can I enroll in the Edunguru Program?
You can Download your Edunguru All Classes or Edunguru Spoken English App OR visit our website www.edunguru.com. You can also contact our Shiksha Mitr/ Sales Representatives and can visit our branches located in all corners of India, which makes the enrollment process very simple with multiple touch points.
After enrollment, what is the process to start the course?
Can I apply for Cancellation & Will I get my Fee Refund?
If a Course is purchased in Hindi medium can it be switched to English medium?
Can I Pick and Choose or Select Different Product Packages as per requirement?
Is adding parents’ mobile number compulsory?


In Case the syllabus gets changed/updated?
In case of a change in course, we will also update our content and in the offline mode, the student will also get updated course Material.
Will there be any course material provided?
What are the 'learning methods' used by Edunguru for courses offered?
What makes our videos different from others?
Will there be exams in each course offered?
Is there any Test at the topic level?
How is it beneficial studying through Video lectures?
What methodology is being followed by EDUNGURU to ensure that the videos cover Theory & Practicals both?
Will the customer be getting Spoken English (Beginner) Level 2, if he buys Spoken English (Absolute Beginner) Level 1 course at the MRP of Level 1?


Can l get personal guidance for the program I choose?
Yes, you can get personal guidance from course Teachers & All India Rank holders through our Eduvantages Services.
How do l get in touch with Edunguru to resolve my queries?
24. In the case of Student Queries relating to subjects, what features is Edunguru offering to students?
Is Call a teacher facility available 24 X 7 to our customers?
What is the Career Universe?
How does the Ranking feature of Edunguru help students?
How can students track their ranking in the Offline mode?


Is it necessary for me to have internet access to complete my course?
Yes, if you have chosen Online Mode of Study, and if you have opted for our Offlinemode of study, you can access the course with the help of the USB/Hard Disk provided by Edunguru in any of the compatible devices i.e. Smart Phone, Smart Television, Laptop/ Desktop.
Can I get my course in a Tablet?
Can I download videos from the Website or USB?
What can be the technical challenges a person may face while downloading the Edunguru Applications?
What is the Software & Hardware minimum Technical Requirement for smooth functioning of Videos?
Is Edunguru application available on the Windows Store?
What all should I do in case of any errors that I may face while logging in or accessing the course through Online Mode?
Who do you contact/call for technical issues?