Courseware & Methodology

At Edunguru, we have innovatively designed the courseware with the aim of building strong fundamentals. As the course progresses, the content is built up for better and easy understanding with best-in- class teaching technique and pedagogy. The learners are made to learn with the help of high quality videos and conceptual learning which extends extra assistance to make learning quicker and faster. Our courseware & methodology is carefully curated with following features:

  • Hindi/English Medium Courses: Our universe consists of both Hindi and English medium courses to benefit students from all segments.
  • Online/Offline Courses: Our online & offline courses are prepared using State-of-the-art technology to support our education platform. Students can access our online version through our website/portal from their laptops/personal computers or through easy to use Mobile App on their smartphones. For offline version, students can study through our Encrypted & Password protected USB and E-books.
  • Interactive Videos & Concept Based Learning: Simulated high-quality interactive videos are developed using innovative methods of Live Demo, diagrams, illustrations, graphics, animations etc. for a better and effective learning experience.
  • Tutor Authored Books: A unique concept where the videos are transcribed for student's better comprehension, understanding and recall of classes attended.
  • Live Webinar & Web Chat: Students can be a part of our webinars conducted by Academic Council members on a designated schedule. They can also get their queries answered through web chat.
  • Physical Classes: Periodic physical classes will be conducted by guest and visiting faculties to help the students get their queries and doubts clarified.
  • Video & Web Chat: An exclusive feature to help students chat and get their queries answered through video & web chat.