Romie Dutt

C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer)

India is looked upon as a superpower in the making and a force to be reckoned with. India has the largest and youngest population in the world between 16 to 40 years and this is the group of people who will bring in this change.

However, we can still see that a significant part of our population is not even getting their deserved basic education.

Our vision is to reach the grass root level of society because good quality education is a child’s right. We have brought our vision to life through innovative and path-breaking tools. Whether a child has an online connection or not, with us they get the same quality education to compete for full throttle when they come out to make a career.

Even in a lot of careers, there are few competitive options for progression, like quality education, right guidance, and expert assistance is not available to all. We have put together a host of under-grad & post-grad courses, whether it is in Government, Management, Medical, Engineering or the Civil Services and so we have all the bases covered.

Why Choose Edunguru?

At Edunguru, we are not just your superficial partners but are your complete partners, holding your hand at every step of learning; like after a wonderfully explained concept video lecture by the best-in-class teacher, there are MCQs to check whether you understood the concept or not. If yes, we move forward with you and if not we assist you with other facilities to understand the concept with CALL A TEACHER, CHATS, EDUCHAT ROOMS with your peers in the city, state or even at the National level. With the help of advanced analytics built in the system, we understand your grasping power, your understanding of the concept etc. and help your get it right, no matter how many times we need to revise with our tutor authored books or lectures, our objective is that you understand every concept of the curriculum and perform well in your exams.

Then, in our pedagogywe have ensured that the parents are always in loop with an App exclusively for them where they can monitor their kid’s performance and progress. With a student login, even the child can see his performance in comparison with the other students of his class at the city, state & national levels.

Edunguru not only brings first of its kind concept videos but also bridges the gap between online & offline modes by making education available anytime, anywhere during the day. We shadow you in your learning whether it is understanding concepts, answering chapter based questions, understanding your performance, keeping parents in the loop always and together we three create a "SEAL OF TRUST" by bringing students, parents & your learning partner i.e., Us, on the same platform for your educational growth and success in life.

Edunguru was conceptualised and brought to life with the sole purpose of helping students excel in the fields they choose and to do so, we have our eminent Governing Council comprising the most distinguished members of the academia to ensure that the best practices are incorporated. And that is not it; we also have an Academic Excellence Board with accomplished Professors, Lecturers, Authors and dedicated teachers to bring forth the course material, pedagogy and innovative ways through which learning can be made easy and comprehensive.

Our Student Advisory Council has been incorporated to give aspiring students the real feel of what a competition looks like. This council comprises All India Rank holders in different competitive exams and their role is to mentor, guide and help aspirants prepare in real time.

Edunguru also bridges the gap between the online & offline modes by combining self-learning, tutored-learning and mentored learning, that’s where the learning curve is and we have planned the courses and learning tools to facilitate learning in its true essence.

Edunguru is about a strong foundation, a strong philosophy, a great value system, a bridge between the offline and the online and we are sure whether it's your foundation studies, or higher education or vocational studies, we have got you covered as your partner in learning and success!